Life, the Faith, and Everything: 8th June

This week has been quieter.

 Thursday morning woken early by a phone call from my mother’s Mongolian carer. (He’s the brother of my brother’s wife. With his girl friend they look after Mum.) She had climbed out of bed dreaming and fallen on the floor. He was calling from A&E in Watford. Later spoke to a doctor who said they were going to replace the hip.

 Voted in the Euro elections. Surprised to see ‘The Christian Party.’ There had been no mention in the Christian Press I read. ‘Proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus’ was their slogan. Horribly reminiscent of Christendom.

 Friday. My first public event as an Author – opening the Garden Party for the 30th Anniversary of Rectory Gardens Sheltered Housing. Angela the Warden has read A British Crash, enjoyed it and was keen to help me sell it. Stiff competition with 50p tombola tickets. My little speech was far from perfect, a good learning experience for me.

 The sky was darkening and rain was spitting. I ended up praying for sunshine, literal and metaphorical. As I finished sunbeams were streaming through the window! The sunshine stayed for the Primary School children May Pole dancing.

 Richard Shepherd our local Conservative MP was also present, following on my talk with an apt comment. ‘You keep me on my toes,’ he said to me genially. A smooth man with no excessive expenses to his demerit.

 Drove to Watford. Mum was remarkably bright. Operation tomorrow.

 Saturday. Interview for Associate Vicar in Ealing. A different, upper middle class, world from Bilston. For the first part, we were infested with flies, mysterious in their origin, but annoyingly real. Quite soon I was even surer that this place was not for me. They agreed.

 Mum had had her operation and was sitting up with no grogginess. I surprised on Health Care Assistant by guessing correctly that she was from Nigeria. The whole world has come to nurse in the NHS. Where would we be without immigration?

 Sunday. Read Obama’s Cairo speech as forwarded by Michael Lerner  my favourite rabbi – Much good stuff, but does it go far enough?

 Obama recognised American over-reaction to 9/11, but repeated the myth that Al Quaeda etc. want to kill as many Americans as possible. If that had been the aim on 9/11, they could have achieved it in much better ways. They were targeting symbols of American power, not Americans in general.

 Does halting Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories include dismantling at least some? Or making them part of a Palestinian State?

 Many people will say that Obama has gone as far as political reality will allow. I, and Michael Lerner, think he is missing an opportunity to change political reality.

Roger Harper

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