Life, Fame, and Listening to God: 16 November

A dream came true in Dudley. I was speaking about Christian Equitable Companies at a breakfast meeting of Business Net, Christian network for the Black Country, and mentioned A British Crash. ( A lady I had never met told everyone she had read it on holiday and really liked it!

The organiser suggested she write a review to be circulated:

An easy read, very well written. I couldn’t put it down as I was eager to find out what happened. Some of the issues raised did make me think how I would have dealt with the situations that arose. I felt the book was ‘real’ and very much in line with 21st century living. I look forward to the next one.

 Well done Roger God Bless

Eileen Reynolds from Tipton

Four funerals this week. We’re in busy time for funerals before it quietens down before Christmas. People hang on until afterwards. We all have more choice over the timing of our death than we think. In 1988 The Lancet published research showing that there were statistically significant fewer deaths of Jewish people just before Passover and more after Passover.  The same results were found with Chinese people and their Harvest Moon Festival. I am sure the same is true of ‘Christians’ and Christmas.

Bilston people continue to be remarkably responsive. Standing on the flower terrace after one funeral at the crematorium, I was approached by a Western-dressed Asian lady. She asked me to give a blessing to a tall white man. He has cancer and had been very moved by the funeral – the first one he had been to when he didn’t ‘have to be strong for others.’ He asked for Jesus’ hand on him and, as we prayed, felt strangely peaceful. Some sunshine broke through the clouds and rested on him, much to the delight of the Asian lady.

Twice in recent weeks I have prayed with someone on the flower terrace, and never before in 25 years of taking funerals. Is this Bilston receptiveness, my experience, or maybe the many times people have prayed the Holy Spirit upon and into and around and through me? Is it at last beginning to show?

My white poppy on Remembrance Sunday was unique at Bilston’s cenotaph. No adverse comments. One strong British Legion man in our church has been even more friendly since. We had an early, shortened, service which I was told had to finish at 10.30. We managed it on the dot and proceeded to the war memorial, arriving earlier than ever in recorded history. We started early, I read the Beatitudes as slowly and meaningfully as I could. We still had to wait for nearly 10 minutes so our silence would be at 11.00.

Representatives of many groups were present – a great community gathering. As throughout the country, more people come to Remembrance Sunday events now than 10 years ago 

Teaching people to listen to God using Mark Virkler’s Four Keys is a continuing joy. ( ) At a small group in Bilston one woman, who has been learning for a few months, though Jesus was saying ‘wild and free.’ ‘That can’t be you, Jesus,’ she argued, ‘that must be me.’ But the same words kept coming and wouldn’t go away. Maybe thinking of what Mark and I say about going with the flow at the time, however unlikely, and checking it later, she wrote down ‘Wild and free.’ More then came to her:

Wild and free

Is the wind you hear

And see.

Wild and free,

Is the love I give to you.

Wild and free,

Wild and free;

Look for my Spirit

And you will see me.

We thought this was indeed from Jesus!

The following week I led people in a meditation to see Jesus sitting at the well in John 4.– and managed to see Jesus sitting there myself pretty well. I then left them to write or talk with Jesus, while I wrote out a short conversation with Him, and prayed in tongues quietly a bit. I then remembered the song ‘He walked where I walked…’ and, thinking it was quite apt, spoke out the lyrics. Later, the poem woman said that she had been sitting talking with Jesus at the well, and He had then invited her to go for a walk with Him. That began just as I spoke!

I gave the same teaching on a Quiet Day in Staffordshire. 3 youngish women particularly seemed to ‘get’ listening to Jesus. One said at the beginning that she never prays in words, just in quiet feelings, so the idea of writing out a conversation wasn’t comfortable. In the last session she wrote out a flowing two page conversation with Jesus.

Mark Virkler’s How to Hear God’s Voice teaching is great. Catch him at Revival Fires, Dudley, January 14-16 01384 239943

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  1. Di Says:

    Fame at last! I hope it helps others!


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