Debate, Dawn Treader and The Nativity: 6 January

Happy New Year!

My seven week break from posting was due to being preoccupied with Christmas and some disheartenment. There are not many of you reading this. And no-one makes any comments! Even when I think I’m being controversial. If it has ever crossed your mind to disagree (or even agree) with me, please go ahead.

Looking back over last year I have thought about commenting how the Pope blatantly asserted the superiority of his church over us Anglicans and Rowan Williams went along with him, smiling. But unless there’ll be some debate, I’ll keep my head down.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the film, is good, worth seeing on the big screen. Much is very faithful to the book, Eustace is brilliant. Despite some reviews I have read, it has a good pace, keeps up interest, and builds to a believable climax. It does not meander around. The physical battles are built up, the moral ones played down. The drama is central, the message in the background. But it’s all there. A fuller and deeper story than many, many, others.

As long as Dawn Treader makes enough money for the new production company, next up will be The Silver Chair, which I reckon is the best Narnia book of all. The children win the ‘battle’ not by fighting as adults with sword and shield but by being children. They are aided not by a warrior, be it Prince or mouse, but by Puddleglum the weedy pessimist. May the producers this time let the story be led along by its own twists and charm and not by exaggerated epic battles.

Narnia in the cinema contrasts with The Nativity on BBC TV. Before Christmas the story was told in four half hour episodes, very faithful to the originals, very moving. Here the supernatural drama was played down – no hosts of angels in the sky over the shepherds – and the message played up – expert Christian commentary from the wisest of the Magi. It was like a good Christmas sermon. The story had pride of place, but the script writer Tony Jordan made sure the message was also there clearly. Catch up with The Nativity if you can. Or wait until next Christmas. It’s set to become a regular.

It seems that Tony Jordan, with his ‘street’ (or Albert Square) credentials as tough Eastenders and thriller writer was allowed to become a little preachy, while the Narnia scriptwriters had to veer away from drawing out the lessons. Let’s have Tony Jordan writing the screenplay for The Silver Chair!

Roger Harper

One Response to “Debate, Dawn Treader and The Nativity: 6 January”

  1. Di Says:

    Hi Roger,

    Happy New Year!

    About your not receiving comments:

    I have posted several comments on your blogsite, but I think you might not be receiving them , because you haven’t answered. Could be that you need to take it up with the blog site hosts.

    Love to you and your family.


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