The Lie of Hell – almost there!

The official publication date of The Lie of Hell is March 30. More info is at You will be able to order a copy then or shortly after, through or through Amazon. A Kindle version will follow, as soon as I can sort it out.

The back cover reads:

Is hell the greatest lie in Christian history?

What can Christians say about people who have died, those of other faiths and none?

The Lie of Hell provides Biblical answers.

The Lie of Hell is pastorally helpful, scholarly and accessible. It builds on the work of others, such as John Stott, while adding a new dimension to an important and longstanding debate. Radical recommendations are made for the whole Church. Not what you might expect.

‘Roger Harper provides us here with fresh and provocative insights on the debate about hell – or what he would rightly want to distinguish as Gehenna and Hades, the words used by Jesus himself in the Gospels. You might not be convinced by all his arguments, nor support his implication that continuing talk of hell deliberately distorts the truth. But the case he makes is born of a close and passionate engagement with Scripture. It deserves serious attention and a serious response.’

David Hilborn, Principal,St John’s College,Nottingham, formerly Theological Adviser, Evangelical Alliance and Editor of the Evangelical Alliance Report The Nature of Hell (2000)

‘A fresh perspective… stimulating and nuanced… likely to invigorate Bible students of all persuasions.” 

Edward William Fudge,author of The Fire That Consumes (Cascade Books 2011) subject of the movie Hell and Mr. Fudge (2012) (full quote inside)

Roger Harper is an Anglican Vicar and recent regular contributor to Christianity magazine.

God is good – All the time!




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