Immortality: The Radio Discussion

Premier Christian Radio in London have a programme on Saturday afternoons where an atheist and a Christian talk about a matter of faith. This week I am the Christian, discussing with Stephen Cave his new book ‘Immortality.’ You can listen in London or on UK Digital Radio at 2.30pm and thereafter on the web:  Comments welcome.

4 Responses to “Immortality: The Radio Discussion”

  1. Tony Says:

    (Second try!) In 1 Cor. 15:35-38 Paul explains that the body which dies is not the one to be, but like a seed producing a very different looking plant – the body God gives each one.
    The resurrection body of Jesus may be more than what was seen in this world.

    • rogerharper Says:

      Thanks Tony,

      Yes indeed! Our resurrected bodies will be recognisably ours but very different. I think, for instance, that we will see colours that we don’t see now. Either our eyes will be able to see more of the spectrum or there will be new colours in the new earth!


  2. Chris Date Says:

    Hi Roger. Enjoyed the episode! I was on Unbelievable a few months ago defending annihilationism, so when the topic came up briefly in the course of your conversation, my ears pricked up 🙂 I just sent you an email at with an invitation to an interview; is that a good email address to get in touch with you?

    • rogerharper Says:

      Hi Chris,

      Many thanks. That email address is OK, but I don’t use it much now. Please use instead. An interview sounds great, I look forward to reading more. From your website I see you are asking for questions for your forthcoming debate. I think a key question is ‘What grounds do we have for considering that when Jesus spoke of Hades and Gehenna, using two different names, he meant the same place?’ The answer should bear in mind that Jesus’ teaching is for all ‘who have ears to hear’, ie can be understood with ears alone and with no background information. I’ll mull this over before submitting the final question.

      with love in Jesus,


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