New Review: 6 September

A new review of The Lie of Hell is now at  

The writer is an Anglican priest of the Diocese of Blackburn, who, like me, has been ordained for over 25 years.

He writes:

I think the book is especially valuable to me for two reasons. Firstly, because it sets out both a clear path of teaching on the future life, together with a range of options explored by people over the years. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, because it starts with an approach to doing theology which is both clear and generous, not party political or denominational, but which invites agreement or disagreement…

By stripping away the layers of sub-Christian tradition on Hell, you have restored to me God’s inherent attractiveness, and some hope for positive life beyond the grave

… your insight into those two words that Jesus used would give Christians a massive lever to rid themselves of the justifiable criticisms others give.

Thank you for writing this stimulating book.

For the full review see

Roger Harper



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