Kindle and YouTube: 6 December

The Lie of Hell is now available on Kindle. It might make a challenging Christmas present. continues carefully to explain that the wicked will not end up burning forever like a glowing coal, but will be burnt up, utterly destroyed, for ever, like stubble in a furnace. Chris Date, the genial intellectual interviewer for the website, grilled me warmly about The Lie of Hell today. This interview will be on in a few weeks.

Another American source of information on hell is YouTube. Several people have posted their testimony of having been to ‘hell’ and back. (Search ‘near death experience hell.’)

Tamara Laroux’s interview with Pat Roberston on the 700 Club shows her telling the story which she also wrote about in her book Delivered.

As a 15 year old Tamara was determined to end her painful life which had no prospect of happiness. She pointed her mother’s .38 calibre pistol directly at her heart and pulled the trigger. Travelling faster than light she found herself, falling, falling until she experienced an explosion of pain. She was in a sea of people in intense pain. Like them she had become a being of fear, in total isolation and intense regret. She could also see heaven, across a great gulf of black nothingness. She ‘knew’ that she was never going to experience that glorious place.

But God’s hand reached down, lifted her up and out, and brought her to heaven. She realized that to God the great gulf was no distance at all. Before she pulled the trigger, Tamara has asked God to forgive her. She regretted never having accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour. In heaven she experienced indescribable unity with Christ, in a place of love, grace, mercy, wholeness, beauty and understanding. Her soul was laid back in her body. Now she had surrendered to Jesus. She called out to her mother who called the emergency paramedics. In hospital she made a quick and remarkable physical recovery. The journey of emotional healing through taking in the truths of God’s Word took longer.

Tamara’s story closely mirrors that of the Rich Man in Luke 16, in the place which Jesus specifically calls Hades. Tamara’s experience is of Hades, which is not the same as Gehenna. Tamara’s experience shows Jesus having the divine ability to save from Hades those who repent and are looking to live with Him.

Angie Fenimore also committed suicide after years of intense depression following an abused childhood. She believed the common suicide’s lie that those closest to her, especially her children, would be better off without her. She felt her spirit powerfully leaving her body. Then she saw all her life from being held as a baby by her mother, and she felt all the feelings of everybody connected to her. Most importantly she knew that her mother, who had left home when she was 9, loved her. Angie also sensed another person with her, male, reviewing her life with her.

Then the review reached her suicide. Angie was surrounded by darkness. She heard other spirits all mumbling to themselves, completely self-absorbed, caring nothing for anyone else. They, and she, were living continually in the turmoil and agony of their death. A voice from above said ‘Is this what you really want?’ Looking up Angie saw a pin point of light, like a star. It came  swiftly towards her. As it came closer she knew it was a person – this was God. ‘You can’t take your life it’s not yours to take,’ He said. ‘Life is meant to be tough. That’s how you learn to care.’

Then there was another presence next to God, just the same as God. This was the same being who had been with her in her life review. Angie felt incredible love, peace, pain, compassion from Him.. ‘Don’t you understand, I’ve done this for you?’ He said. Angie knew she was In the presence of the Saviour of the World.

Then Angie was shown what would happen to her children if she stayed dead. She saw her oldest son terribly harmed by grief and pain. The desire to die disappeared. She was ready to come back and work through the pain of living. She accepts the need to overcome what has been done to her, with the help of the beings of light whom she met. Angie has written a book: Beyond the Darkness.

Carl Knighton also died and went to a place of horrendous torment. He called out with all his might ‘Jesus! Jesus! Help me Jesus!’ The hand of God came and put him back in his body.

Some of those speaking on YouTube saw ‘hell’ and were brought back to life without, they say, specifically calling on Jesus. But, back in life, they turned to Jesus and now live with Him instead of without Him.

You can also listen to Howard Storm and Christine Eastell whose stories I quote in The Lie of Hell.

The complete picture and understanding is the one Jesus gave us: not the one place called hell, but two places Hades and Gehenna.

Roger Harper




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