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Uganda Highlights: 14 March

March 14, 2013

Two weeks in Uganda, followed by my mother’s funeral, with all the work before and after, have meant a long break from writing here. Here are a few highlights of this time. If you want to know more about anything, please write a comment.

A young Ugandan woman imagined herself sitting by her parents’ home in the country. An ordinary Ugandan herdsman came and sat quietly next to her. He said ‘Don’t be afraid. I will be with you always.’ I was teaching ‘Seeing Jesus With Us.’

Watching water swirl down a plug hole a couple of yards north of the equator, then swirl the opposite way a couple of yards south of the equator, then go straight down without swirling when on the very equator. Makes me feel a child again, excited about this amazing world.

Seeing a young Ugandan woman with withered legs dance on her hands in worship.

Hearing another lovely Ugandan who hardly knows English, speak fluently to me in my tongue, ‘Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.’ A memorable word of prophecy.

Seeing an Archdeacon sitting in his official chair, his arms shaking like mad, as he enjoyed seeing Jesus stand next to him. His shaking arms were also a sign to me of how long to continue the period of being open to the Holy Spirit.

Wanting to talk about Jesus with a white man I had met the day before. He began our conversation with ‘You’re not one of those Bible bashers are you?’ Not a bad start as it turned out…

Seeing maize and sorghum growing abundantly in a plot that had deliberately not been ploughed or dug, but carefully mulched. ‘Farming God’s Way.’ And seeing a fuel saving earth stove, about which I have read over the years, in the house of a poor farmer.

Enjoying watching the waiters at the restaurant of a posh hotel having to control their urge to shout at / turf out our driver who was eating with us, at the head of the table.

‘Seeing’ Jesus in a rural parish church, a huge, black, muscular body.

A leopard crossing the road 50 yards from the gate of our safari lodge.

Praying briefly with a young woman with AIDS. My English companion said he could see the Holy Spirit moving in her.

Praying in a group with a mother for her son, suffering from a puzzling long-term illness. Hearing that the son had since walked further than for a good while.

Seeing many people touched, blessed, excited with the comforting, healing, presence of the Holy Spirit.

Ideas to pursue: solar power in schools, a building society, rural business development, facilities for healing those wounded in heart.

Roger Harper