The Welsh Outpouring, Cwmbran Forget Revival: 1 May

‘I knew it was the Holy Spirit – I started crying as soon as I entered the building.’ My daughter, a junior doctor, was talking about her visit to the new Welsh Outpouring at Victory Church, Cwmbran. Her experience there was similar to other experiences of the Holy Spirit, the same but a bit more so. She was excited by the testimonies of healing and impressed by the leadership policy of talking openly about what is happening while minimising exaggerated claims.

‘The wind blows where it chooses…’ Over recent years several places have enjoyed similar outpourings of the Holy Spirit. I know of Dudley and Whitby in this country and the great, continuing, outpouring in Toronto. In these places at these times the Holy Spirit is blowing more strongly, touching people more definitely. 20 years ago I visited the church of a vicar friend in which the fresh wind from Toronto was blowing strongly. As I stood and people prayed for me, I felt a gentle warmth falling on my head, like a faint warm shower. It was similar to other Holy Spirit experiences, but happily distinctive. From that day onwards my body clock changed 2 hours. I now wake every day at about 6am instead of 8am. A great gift for prayer.

‘The wind blows where it chooses…’ I see this as a sailing metaphor (although I’m not sure how much Nicodemus, the Jerusalem Pharisee to whom Jesus addresses these words in John 3, knew about sailing.) We aren’t in control of the wind. But we are in control of our sails. It’s up to us to put up the sails to catch the wind when it comes, to make the most of it for our journey of faith. So people are travelling to Cwmbran with their sails up. Judging by the stories from visitors to Toronto, people who feel stuck in a marsh, or slough of despond in their faith or Christian ministry are much boosted by the fresh wind. How many of us couldn’t benefit from a fresh gust of Holy Spirit?

Now is the time for Cwmbran. Now is the Outpouring. What will happen in the future is not for us to know. Unfortunately there seems to be a British habit not to enjoy the now, but to look instead to some ‘Revival’ about to happen. Already some people are writing that the Welsh Outpouring in Cwmbran could be the herald of the long hoped for Revival. The wind blows where it chooses, not where we expect or hope it will blow. Let’s give up all talk of a Revival which may or may not come and enjoy the beautiful, powerful fresh Welsh breeze now. Whether it makes us cry or laugh or wake up early, it will do us good.

Roger Harper


3 Responses to “The Welsh Outpouring, Cwmbran Forget Revival: 1 May”

  1. Dyfed Says:

    Great post. Maybe we can learn from the past though?

    Check out my ebook on the aftermatjh of the revival of 1904:

  2. Doug Says:

    Great post ! Although there is great “enjoyment” in being in the presence of God, the ultimate aim has to be to receive the Spirit as per book of Acts and receive boldness to preach renewal in the church and to witness to those outside of the church. The hopes for a wider revival are not for enjoyment, but for the saving of a great many souls in our nation. At least that is my strong hope and prayer. Have mercy on us and our fellow men Lord !

  3. rogerharper Says:

    Many thanks Doug. I’m replying to you in my latest post

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