Roger enjoys his mixed background: Catholic, Jewish, German, Irish, English, East African, Anglican. He thinks it gives him a fresh perspective.

Roger’s view of ‘hell’, written up in The Lie of Hell (www.laddermedia.co.uk) has been described as ‘fresh’ by David Hilborn, Principal of St John’s College, Nottingham, and by Edward Fudge, leading US Christian scholar. The book rates nearly 5 stars on Amazon / Kindle.

Roger’s view of Britain, multicultural, racist, Christian?, vulnerable, informs his whodunit A British Crash (also http://www.laddermedia.co.uk.) ‘Makes you think,’ is a common comment. This book rates 4 stars on Amazon / Kindle.

Roger’s views of prayer, healing, listening to Jesus, have developed over 30 years of ordained ministry in the Church of England and of learning from great teachers, mostly American.

Roger continues to write about all these areas of interest and more.


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